Rajasthani Cuisine


The state of Rajasthan is also known as the “Land of the Kings”; thus, its traditional cuisine is every bit equally exotic and royal in its taste as well as presentation. The experience becomes more flavorful when these preparations are served with such love and warmth that makes their taste unforgettable. The various traditional delights that make up this state’s delectable cuisine are a vital part of its resplendent cultural heritage and lasting legacy. Many of the recipes of various lip-smacking dishes were developed in the royal kitchens and their ingredients are till today, kept under wraps to protect their authenticity. The delectable food of Rajasthan has something for everyone, right from delightful vegetarian dishes to exquisite non-vegetarian savories.


The distinct and fascinating flavors of Rajasthani cuisine emerged as a result of the scarcity of water and food grains in this arid region. But instead of diminishing its taste, this imitation has enhanced it many folds. Most of the traditional delicacies are cooked in milk, buttermilk or clarified butter to conserve water. The most well known vegetarian delicacies of this region include gatte ki sabzi, kair sangri, pakodi, numerous pickles and various chutneys (paste) made of locally available spices, like turmeric, dried mangoes, coriander, mint, onion, ginger and garlic that tantalize a visitor’s taste buds. Dal (lentil), Baati (baked wheat balls) and Churma is a must taste dish of this region and has many ardent fans all over the world.

When it comes to non vegetarian preparations, they were the staple diet of the Rajput warrior clans and hence, have been greatly influenced by them. The exotic and unique dish, known as the Safed Maans or white meat, is an invention of the Kachchwaaha family of Jaipur and cannot be tasted anywhere else in the world. This palatable delicacy is prepared with white meat, while its curry consists of cashew nuts, almonds, fresh coconut kernel paste, white pepper and poppy seeds. Truly, a must-taste dish for all visitors who crave for non vegetarian food! Besides, these culinary delights of Rajasthan offer a whole range of desserts, like Mishri Mawa, Kalakand and Ghevar, which satisfy one’s sweet tooth and also fill one’s trip with sweet memories that last for a lifetime.