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Festivals of Rajasthan


The fascinating magical land of Rajasthan pulsates with numerous traditional festivals that paint the entire state in multihued shades of celebrations that enthrall one and all. The harsh climate and sweltering heat is all forgotten by the people who celebrate all facets of life as religious occasions. Each occasion becomes...


Thar Desert


  The vastness of the Thar Desert adds to the allure of vibrant and radiant Rajasthan. The mesmerizing sand dunes that shift their location with winds, the colorful caravans of people, and camels decked in beautiful ornaments and multi-hued attire that play haunting musical tunes and sing vivacious songs, along...

Forts of Rajasthan, India

Forts of Rajasthan


The splendid and imposing forts of Rajasthan are a sight to behold and cherish for lifelong; hence, are major tourist attractions of this region. Though silent witnesses, these forts provide one a rare glimpse into the resplendent history and culture of this state. A tour of these grand forts transcends...




The stunning architecture and intricate carvings that adorn various temples of Rajasthan prove the prowess as well as the finesse that masons and craftsmen of this region possessed. These temples are a significant part of Rajasthan’s glorious culture and rich traditional heritage. A visit to these magnificent temples shall greatly...

Ladakh Valleys

Valleys Of Ladakh


The highlands of Ladakh are one of the most sparsely populated regions in the entire world with just two people per square kilometer. Thus, its virgin valleys are a treasure trove of spectacular natural wonders. The Dras Valley is well known for its Brokpas and Nubra Valley, better known as...

Airports in Rajasthan

Airports in Rajasthan


The magical state of Rajasthan is a dream destination for one and all. The magnificent forts, opulent palaces, thriving wildlife amidst lush greenery, coupled with vast expanse of golden Thar Deserts make it a perfect holiday spot. The natural and historical assets of the state are further accentuated by its...

Currency Exchange India

Currency Exchange


Indian currency is known as Rupee. The Indian money (rupee) is available in notes in denominations of Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1000. One rupee consists of a hundred paise. Paise are in denominations of 10p, 25p...

Indian Food

Popular Indian Food


There is no single cuisine in India. Similar to the culture of India, the Indian cuisine is also extremely diverse. Right from Punjabi to Chettinad to Gujarati to Sikkimese, Indian food consists of a number of different cuisines, originating in every region. Most of the Indian delicacies have a liberal...

puppet dance rajasthan india



Rich cultural traditions and lifestyle have made Rajasthan a must visit destination for travelers throughout the globe. Its artistic traditions and customs are deeply connected with ancient Indian civilization, which makes its culture a unique mix of ancient and modern sensibilities. The harsh desert terrain, glorious history and colorful lifestyle...


Rajasthani Cuisine


The state of Rajasthan is also known as the “Land of the Kings”; thus, its traditional cuisine is every bit equally exotic and royal in its taste as well as presentation. The experience becomes more flavorful when these preparations are served with such love and warmth that makes their taste...